3D Simulation Embeddings

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Benson NC, Manning JR, Brainard DH (2014) Unsupervised Learning of Cone Spectral Classes from Natural Images. PLoS Comput. Biol. Submitted

The following table links to full, long-wavelength-senstive-only ('zoom'), and flattened long-wavelength-sensitive-only ('flat') embeddings for the simulations discussed in the above paper. Every embedding shows the multidimensional-scaling solution to the negative log of the correlation matrix generated from the simulation; cones are colored red, green, or blue for L, M, or S cones, respectively.

Figure Full Embeddings Long-Wavelength-Sensitive Cone Embeddings Flattened Embeddings
4/S4 (sim 1) / S5A full zoom flat
4/S4 (sim 2) / S5B full zoom flat
4/S4 (sim 3) / S5C full zoom flat
S5 (10 x 10) full zoom flat
S5 (15 x 15) full zoom flat
S7 full zoom flat
S8 full zoom flat
S9 full zoom flat
S10 full zoom flat
S11 full zoom flat
S12 full zoom flat