Lightness perception in high-dynamic range images: local and remote effects

Supplemental Material

Sarah R. Allred, Ana Radonjic, Alan Gilchrist & David H. Brainard

This page contains links to the supplementary material associated with the manuscript "Lightness perception in high-dynamic range images:local and remote effects"

Stimulus characterization


    The following files contain average luminance of target patches matched to different Munsell papers. Each row represents data matched to a different Munsell paper, sorted in ascending order (first row is Munsell 2.0, second row is Munsell 2.5 ...  last row is Munsel 9.5). Each column contains data for the labeled checkerboard context. Data were recorded as log10 luminance.

Each checkerboard file below contains the matches for each observer. The first word indicates the luminance profile of the inner ring, and the second word indicates luminance profile of the outer ring. Each row contains data for a different Munsell paper (as above), and each value represents the average of all target patches matched to a Munsell paper for the labeled observer.
    The following files contain the out of range judgments (darker than 2.0, lighter than 9.5). Each row represents a different target patch, sorted in ascending order from lowest to highest. Each column represents the labeled checkerboard context, and the integer indicates the total number of trials on which that target patch was judged as out of range.  There are 21 judgments for each stimulus (3 trials x 7 observers).